The concept for this logo is transparency. The icon represents the shape of the exhibition (the Ara Pacis) abstracted into light, thin lines that thicken in the middle and fade away towards the end tips   to express transparency. The design of the logo was inspired by the design of the museum, how you can observe the ara pacis from the outside looking through the window of the museum and the style  of the horizontal window beams that represent long, continuous lines. Palette-wise, the icon is shown  in a very faint, sky blue mixed with magenta to create a periwinkle blue. This blue on the icon adds      to the transparency concept, because it almost disappears. The type represents Roman type which      is  used across the museum, and on a wall outside the museum. This is shown in black with a hint of    cyan to compliment the blue. Altogether, the merging of Roman aesthetic and transparency creates      a cohesive concept of the modern museum that stands today, representing the Ara Pacis then, and   the Ara Pacis now.
Interactive Brand Guide
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