This publication explains the effectiveness of package design in helping sell a particular product, the beauty of each individual brand shown through the package design and my passion for this collection and expanding it for the future. The brands I collect include FitJoy, RXBAR, Perfect Bar and Larabar. The publication analyzes each brand's package design based on typography, color application and style of the overall design. These categories help to show how each company communicates their message and how they want their audience to feel when experiencing their product through successful design. I express my passion and appreciation for package design through this publication in hopes of designing my own one day.
Front Cover
Accordion set up of inside pages
Opening spread previewing the four brands I collect and focused on
"The Whole Package": A brief synopsis of my reason for collecting

Perfect Bar Spread
RXBAR Spread
Bars GALORE!!!
The Effects of Successful Package Design (Interactive Feature) 
A spread that demonstrates the effectiveness of how successful package design could help sell a product
Gallery Spread
Analysis of typography, color application and style of each brand
Front + Back Cover laid flat
 Blown up image of how I organize my collection - like a carousel book you can flip through
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